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This website allows direct purchasing from UK vendors in two different ways
Please choose the way you would like to view stock and purchase by selecting one of the options below.

Buy now stock & Auction access

  • Stock is available at "BUY NOW" prices from reliable sources.
  • In some cases the "BUY NOW" price includes inland UK transport to port, but others are not, please read the specific pop up page for each vendor.
  • Should the vehicle prove structurally unsound, by failing it's NZTA Structural Inspection at the port, the vendors will give the option to return or source a similar vehicle.
  • Payment process may vary between vendors, www.buyukcars.com will advise the best method.
  • VAT is liable on some vehicles, please ensure you are fully aware of the VAT status of the vehicle you are buying and if the VAT has already been removed or if not, as this has a bearing on the final price paid (see specific vendor site pop up).
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